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Therefore, if you are watching for a PNP transistor for your amplifier circuit then this transistor might be your choice or to switch higher current loads above 2A, attempt logic level MOSFETS like IRF540N  which also drive at 5V.the Pin Configuration of TIP32c.

The TIP32c is a PNP  transistor. Because it has high collector current of about 2A,Tip32c transistor can be used for Power switching or large signal amplification. Transistor Tip32c is basically known for its high amplification ability because 2A is not much of a higher ability.

Although, TIP has high collector current and current gain, But it is justly simple to control the device because TIP32C Transistor has an Emitter-Base voltage of only 5Volt and base current of only 120mA.  But because we are dealing with high current, there will be good heat dissipation for switching applications and so a heat drop is recommended. Also, the Transistor can be operated directly from PWM signal because the Emitter-Base voltage is less, however the PWM should source enough current for full saturation of the Transistor.

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