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The 2SA1943 Is A PNP Transistor Originally From Toshiba. Due To The Transistor High Current Gain And Collector Current It Is Very Generally Used In  AF Amplifiers Or High Power Audio Circuits. But Now This Transistor Is Entirely From Toshiba And It Has Been Changed With TTA1943, However, Still The Good And Old Transistor 2SA1943 Can Still Be Found In The Market Since It Is Still Being Cloned By Other Manufacturers In China.The Pin Configuration Of 2sa1943.

Pin Diagram

Pin NumberPin NameDescription
1BaseControls The Current Between Collector And Emitter
2CollectorCurrent Flows Out Through Collector
3EmitterCurrent Drains In Through Emitter

Features of PNP transistor:

  • BUNDLE – TO-264
  • Type Of  BUNDLE– PNP 
  • Collector And Emitter Voltage: -230 V
  • Collector -Base Voltage: -230 Volt
  • Emitter-Base Voltage: -5 Volts
  •  Current Of Collector 15 A
  • Collector Dissipation – 150 Watt
  • DC Current Gain (Hfe) – 55160
  • Transition Frequency – 30 MHz
  • Operate & Storage Junction Temperature Range -55 To +150 °C

Complement of PNP transistor

The Complement Of PNP  Transistor Is The 2SC5200.

Replacement and equivalent of 2SA1943 transistor

Replacement And Equivalent Of The PNP Transistor Are: 2SA1962,KTA1962A, 2SA2151A-O KTA1943, 2SA2151A-P, 2SA2151A-Y, FJA4213, FJL4215, KTA1943A, KTA1962, MJW1302A Or MJW1302AG

How we can  use 2SA1943 Transistor

2sa1943 Transistor Is Mainly Used In Amplifier Designs Most Amplifiers Used A Push-Pull Circuit Similar To That Of Class B Amplifier, Which Needs A NPN Transistor And PNP Transistor. The 2SA1943 Is A PNP Transistor And It Also Has Its Complementary 2SE5200 Which Is A Kind Of NPN Transistor.2sa1943 And 2SE5200 Transistors Are Often Employ Together To Design High Power Amplifiers. Since The Transistors Work With High Switching Frequency And High Collector Current Which Tend To Heat Up Very Fast, Therefore They Are Always Used Along With A Heat Sink. These Transistors Are Generally  Used To Manufacture Stereo Systems That Are Rated For 200Watt Or Above, They Can Respond To Frequency From 5Hz To 100kHz And Has A Very Good Sensitivity Of 0.75Vrms.

Applications Of PNP Transistor: 

  • High Current Switching (Upto 15A) Loads
  • AF /RF Circuits
  • Push-Pull Configuration Circuits
  • Can Be Used As Medium Power Switches
  • Low Slew Rate Devices
  • Audio Frequency Amplifier

2SA1943 datasheet

A1943 pinout

2SA1943 package

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