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Onecoin Newsupdate, April 15th, 2020

OneLife Newsupdate, April fifteenth, 2020 

OneLife Newsletter, April fifteenth, 2020

What's going on this week?

* Fake News about Euronext Exchange*Warning of Simon Le's new copycat coin* CLA - Banned* 10 K Promotion - updates* Development of Co-Captains Board* Immediate Split with Wire Transfer* Super Split* "Commander's Corner"

Bogus news aboutEuronet ExchangeDear OneLife Community, 

Our Company isn't propelling the 'Euronext Exchange', as appeared in the video flowing.

If it's not too much trouble overlook all media sent to you "as a major aspect of a 2020 OneCoin Global Campaign" as this is bogus news. We guarantee you that any authentic crusade will be brought to you through confided in sources: the Company's legitimate pamphlet on the OneLife site, your DealShaker Country Managers and your Captains.

We perceive that the goal of the video is simply fiendish and to make disarray and interruption among us. We should consider it to be complimenting that others ought to experience such endeavors for us.

Let us urge you to keep up your concentration and keep on developing your business with our new 10K advancement.

We remain as one - 'One Life for More Life'

'Together for More'



The organization has taken the choice of zero resilience for any people or substance advancing or engaged with exercises that are in direct clash with our OneEcoSystem. After much exchanges with Mr. Simon Le to forestall or discourage him from leaving, we have come to comprehend that his explanation behind leaving is to concentrate on an undertaking that he is extra heading and driving.

This task is in direct clash with everything the OneEcoSystem and brand represents. This has constrained us to take the situation of zero resistance against Mr. Le and any of his partners, especially since the undertaking is an endeavor at cloning our framework. Added to this, the plan is to delude our individuals into joining his new (copycat) coin. We consider his activities to be an immediate irreconcilable circumstance. We are cautioning that such activities will incite us to freeze accounts that abuse our Terms and Conditions.


Our Company must right now illuminate the Onelife people group and its clients of the DealShaker stage, that the CLA organization (Comercializadorav Latinoamericana de Automotores) from Mexico, are BANNED with prompt impact, from undertaking ANY sort of dealings or exchanges worldwide,including ANY arrangements identified with the development or offer of houses as its very own component portfolio or some other organization with which they are related.

The CLA has utilized the DealShaker stage unreliably as follows:

1. For not conveying a solitary vehicle anyplace on the planet, regardless of creating

concurrences with outsiders that collected the cash and guaranteed the offer of 100% one vehicle.

2. The deceptive way where the DealShaker logo and name, just as the ONE cryptographic money, was utilized.

3. Opposing the organization's approach by gathering cash from outsiders utilizing the

DealShaker business structure.

4. Trading off the DealShaker brand and the financial enthusiasm of Onelife

clients, by advancing organizations not approved by the DealShaker organization.

5. Making disarray in the utilization of ONE digital money around the world.

The Global Community is cautioned that the ease of use of the ONE digital money must be done through the DealShaker stage, that the arrangements of this stage are worldwide and that there is no worldwide trade stage that to date permits anybody to purchase or sell our ONE cryptographic money.


These are troublesome occasions for us all, where mankind is engaging with the effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We, as a Company and as a Family, that incorporates more than 3,679,927 individuals from everywhere throughout the world, can't be apathetic regarding the requirements of our individuals. As one of the World's driving Cryptocurrency Companies, we are amazingly mindful of the negative money related effect of COVID-19 on the Global Economy. Now, it is critical that individuals are presented to acceptable monetary proficiency.

OneAcademy's Mission has consistently been to make the World's next money related specialists by giving creative instructive materials. At present, our organization is in excess of 190 nations and our instructive courses are accessible in 20 dialects.

We work with individuals from all circles of life, everywhere throughout the world, and really value the uniqueness of each person. Instruction is something we truly embrace and worth. We might want to help our individuals and do our most extreme all together that our instructive bundles arrive at the greatest number of individuals. To this end, we have chosen to lessen the costs of our bundles as follows:

* The cost of every single instructive bundle (with the exception of Starter, NewLifeand NewLife Plus bundles) is presently diminished by 25%

* The cost of NewLife and NewLife Plus bundles is diminished by


* The cost of Starter bundle continues as before, on the grounds that this instructive bundle is remembered for Get Started 10K Campaign.

If it's not too much trouble observe that every other advancement are right now invalid, aside from the new Get Started 10K Campaign (you can discover point by point data about it in our official news channels).

If it's not too much trouble remember that a Pro Forma Invoice is required for the acquisition of an instructive bundle if utilizing wire move as an installment strategy. The Accounting Department will be satisfied to give this upon a messaged demand at


Presenting NEWLY ADDED Level 1 of the Forex and Level 1 of Legal as a feature of the Get started 10K Promo.

Along these lines, 10 get 13 and take part in whichever stage you fall into.

Initial 100 IMAs

Initial 1,000 IMAs

Initial 10,000 IMAs

This new advancement - 10K - is about our essential accentuation on the core of our organization, the OneAcademy, with an emphasis on the One Academy Level 1 Training, which incorporates the Financial, Forex and Legal Packages. We have an astonishing stage and conductor to share and teach with dynamic data on account, digital money and blockchain innovation, which will keep on upgrading, change and effect the world.

OneFamily, we need you as a Community, presently like never before, to help spread comprehension about who we are as an organization and the aim of what our organization's item has consistently intended to accomplish. It is critical to take note of that by including progressively taught diggers, we make more an incentive to our environment. A framework that is dynamic, energizing, modern and as such the first of its sort. The one of a kind incentive of our item has kept on making us the most eminent brought together digital currency the world has ever observed.

Thus, we have propelled our 10K advancement. If you don't mind read the subtleties to decide precisely which stage you might want to take part in.

We have THREE (3) Phases: Phase 1) 100 IMAs, Phase 2) 1,000 IMAs and Phase 3) 10,000 IMAs.


You buy one group bundle of ten Starter codes with the base estimation of €1400 (bank wire move just) and you likewise get an extra 3 FREE Starter codes. This presently qualifies you into one of our stages.

◦ Yes, you can buy in a group, (for instance €2800 or €4200 from a few people) who has joined to make one bank wire move to the Company's ledger. Right now, are required to give the username and complete name of every individual buying the heap of ten Starter Codes. This data will qualify that username/individual to be checked separately for their planned stage.

◦ This advancement is legitimate for a limit of 60-day time frame. The Wonder Wheel will likewise work during this period as it were. Our amazement is the SUPER WONDER WHEEL. The vast majority of you know how the Wonder Wheel normally works, with the IMA accepting either 25%, half or 100% extra free tokens when the Wheel is spun. Be that as it may, for this advancement, when the Wheel is spun, you will get either half, 75%, 100% or 200% extra free tokens, along these lines making it a SUPER WONDER WHEEL.


First Phase - 100 IMAs 

The members right now will meet all requirements to go to a Special VVIP Dinner at the Company's Global occasion with Top Management Team and Key Company Staff. Alongside an extraordinary Two-Hour question and answer portion with Key Staff facilitated by the Captains in a Panel conversation at the Company's Global Event. Furthermore, these Phase One Participants will get the advantages of the Second and Third Phases definite underneath.

Second Phase – 1,000 IMAs

The members right now get access to login subtleties for demo testing of the new stage and would have the chance to give input of highlights they might want to be included. This gathering will likewise have the principal alternative to test the new Forex stage when it is prepared, alongside going along with one month to month zoom call with the Company's Corporate group as far as possible up to the occasion. They will get a Special PIN at the Global Event and will likewise get the advantages of Phase Three definite beneath.

Third Phase - 10,000 IMAs 

The members of Phase Three, will be welcome to join an exceptional Telegram Group claimed by the Company, where week by week news and updates will be given alongside the Corporate's guide. Right now, Company's Corporate staff will give news and screen captures of the improvement of the new back-office and DealShaker new E-business site. The initial 10,000 will likewise get a Special PIN from their GNLG pioneer after the Global Event.

If it's not too much trouble note that prompt riser costs for our Global Event may be accessible for individuals who take an interest in the 10K advancement, who will likewise have the chance to get to bargains for 50/50 inn remain and bargains for 50/50 Restaurant coupons for the Romania Event.

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